• Erin's Background

    inline Image Erin Simon, BFA, MEd, LMT, LLCC, has practiced therapeutic massage since 1992. Erin’s fascination with the human body and it’s potential for movement began early with her attending the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School, and Point Park Conservatory of Dance while in high school. She then attended Ohio University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography.

    After several years in both New York, and New Jersey performing with several dance companies, as well as designing and constructing costumes, and work on the side as a personal trainer she returned to Pittsburgh to attend the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education earning a Master’s degree in Special Education. She resumed performing and costuming with a small dance company in Pittsburgh for several years while teaching in the public schools during the day.

    Erin realized that teaching academics was not the experience she was looking for, and was also approaching the time to leave the rigors of professional dance behind. Looking for something involving the body, movement and a more holistic lifestyle; she attended the Pittsburgh School of Massage for her initial education and certification. Since then, she has pursued education in a number of massage and bodywork modalities with her most extensive training in lymph drainage therapy. Other modalities she has education in include; cranio-sacral therapy, pregnancy and post part massage, healing stone massage, and swedish. Erin was also a labor doula for a number of years. Her focus in therapy now is mainly in lymph drainage therapy, and in education pertaining to the lymphatic system, (however she can easily be persuaded to combine all of her years of experience and education for an outstanding therapeutic massage).

    Currently, Erin continues to dance, but in only in social venues, and maintains her form with a variety of exercise, training and outdoor sports.

  • Proven Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

    Proven Benefits of Therapeutic Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy: 

    Releases Endorphins
    Supports the Work of the Heart
    Reduces Blood Pressure
    Increases Flexibility
    Relaxes Sore Muscles
    Cramping and Spasms
    Helps Move Oxygen and Nutrients into Tissues and Organs
    Improves Circulation
    Improves the Condition of Your Skin
    Enhances Immunity
    Lessens Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
    Promotes Tissue Regeneration
    Reduces Scar Tissue
    Increases Mental Alertness
    Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
    Promotes Better Sleep
    Enhances Well-Being and Body Awareness.

    Did you have any idea there was so much to be gained from receiving therapeutic massage?

    inline ImageWhat is Lymph Drainage Therapy?  Your lymphatic system is another circulatory system in your body.  A healthy, active lymphatic system is responsible for flushing cellular debris, toxins and stagnant fluids out of your body.  It also carries nutrients, helps to regenerate tissues, and to maintain a healthy immune system.  Lymph Drainage Therapy is an extremely gentle therapy appropriate for people preparing for, and recovering from surgical procedures, and those too fragile for more vigorous therapies.  By creating a vacuum with gentle hands-on techniques, swelling can be reduced quickly and painlessly, aiding in a return to a more active lifestyle.  The same techniques to relieve edema (swelling), lymphedema and inflammation also apply to weight loss, and detoxification.  LDT is also very calming to the central nervous system.

    "I first grew to know Erin three years ago when she helped me to prepare for and recover from hip replacement surgery- second surgery, first with Erin's help. My recovery from the second surgery was much faster than that of the first, as attested to by just about every medical professional I encountered including the surgeon. Erin's compassionate, professional manner and ability to assess the whole person helps me to maintain and improve my overall being. I would recommend Erin without reservation to anyone seeking improved wellness." - Greg C.
    "I found Erin when looking for Lymph Drainage therapy in the Pittsburgh area. I called Erin and one other therapist to discuss what I was looking for, and chose Erin after our phone conversation. Erin helped me to prepare for and recover from a very intense elective jaw surgery that produced a lot of swelling. The lymph drainage therapy was extremely helpful in reducing my swelling. I also discovered craniosacral therapy which is my favorite! It is very comforting/relaxing and just seems to be what my body needed. I liked Erin so much that I am still coming to see her even now that my healing is complete. She has a great technique of combining lots of different types of massage into one session based on your needs. Erin is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. She is generous with sharing advice and tips that she has gained through her experience. She will also help refer to other modalities/specialists (such as acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.) if needed, through her large network of colleagues/peers. I very highly recommend Erin if you are looking for something beyond a basic massage, or help healing from any type of surgery or other event. I am glad she was in my corner after my surgery!" - Sarah G.

  • Erin's Approach to Therapeutic Massage

    Given Erin's background, she is acutely aware of the potential for strength, ease of movement and flexibility in each of us that often isn't fully realized.

    inline Image Massage & Movement, A Complementary Relationship: As a former professional dancer, Erin knows bodies are made to move. When lack of flexibility — whether from injury or habit — leads to a mechanical imbalance, the condition most often can be alleviated through a combination of massage and stretching, with you, as a client, gaining awareness in how to use your body more efficiently and healthfully. 

    Different bodies move differently, and for each body what's normal depends on such factors as body type, physical needs and level of activity. As we go about our daily activities, we feel good when we move efficiently. When we don't — because of stress, injury or habit — our poor body mechanics tend to increase our discomfort. 

    Massage offers both short and long-term benefits. It alleviates immediate pain and discomfort and also can produce long-lasting change by releasing adhesions in scar tissue and by helping you to better understand how movement and discomfort are related. 

    Discomfort in one part of the body, for example, is often caused by unnoticed tension in another. Through massage and stretching, you can undo habitual patterns. Once the body is "reset to neutral" in this way, you can use it more easily and longer without fatigue. 

    inline ImageWhether you are a first-time client or someone Erin has worked with for years, she will help you to find the source of movement restrictions, to relieve discomfort and to gain insight into your body mechanics and establish better patterns of movement.    

    Conditions Erin has treated; Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy and Myofascial Release are indicated treatments for a vast array of conditions including: headaches, concussions, postural issues, stress and anxiety, TMJ, prep and recovery from sports events, fibromyalgia, prep, and recovery from surgery and injury, pregnancy and post-partum issues, fatigue, edema, and lymphedema, scar tissue and adhesions, and as a regular addition to your health and wellness regime to stay on top of life's challenges.

    "Erin is a superb masseuse. She is able to tailor her approach and level of touch to exactly what I want. After a massage with her, I always feel relaxed and refreshed. Even my mind feels clearer. I appreciate the way she educates about overall health. Because of her, I've been able to take steps that have helped with weight-loss and body cleansing. I particularly appreciate her introduction to lymph massage. It's been a great, healthy approach for me. Erin is professional, kind, and skillful. I absolutely recommend her to someone looking for a relaxing, positive massage experience." - Kristin E.

  • Massage & Treatment Options

    inline Image

    Lymph Drainage Therapy: is a very gentle hands-on technique that enhances the fluid movement of the lymphatic system. This technique is vital for aiding your body's ability to detoxify, flush out stagnant fluids, regenerate tissues, and maintain a healthy immune system.  LDT promotes a deep state of relaxation, and is very beneficial for edema, lymphedema, chronic pain and inflammation.  The same gentle process also aids with weight loss.  A more vigorous form of LDT is specifically for reducing the appearance of cellulite by using the body's fluid to break up fibrous tissue.

    Craniosacral Therapy: is another very gentle approach to body work, and deeply soothing to the central nervous system. By the time we are adults, most of us have accrued a number of injuries. We may go to physical therapy, or other exercise programs, but generally we do not return to the level of function we had previously. Our bodies make compensations and adaptations through the fascia. These changes are not limited to the area of injury; they are like ripples on a pond through the body. CST addresses the intertwined and overlapping relationships of injuries through the connective tissue to restore ease of movement and improved function.

    CST can help with a wide range of ailments including migraines, headaches, concussion symptoms, chronic neck and back pain, chronic stress and tension, TMJ, scoliosis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, orthopedic problems, and many other conditions. 

    Myofascial Release: Your fascia is the web-like connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates all other tissues and cells in your body from your head to your feet and everything in between. We don’t notice it when it’s healthy and mobile. But, after surgery, injury or inflammation you might feel like your movement has stopped somewhere in one or more directions, you may also feel pain, however nothing shows up on any conventional testing equipment. This means that the fascia has become dehydrated and is making everything it touches stick together in a clump in the affected area(s). MFR uses a firm touch to contact the restricted areas and small movements to slowly bring unaffected movement back to the tissue. MFR will make lymph drainage therapy far more effective for people whose fluid movement is restricted by scar tissue. MFR is an outstanding therapy for people who have not found any relief from their deep restrictions from any other means. >/p>

    Massage for the Childbearing Year:  Includes a combination of techniques to help promote the health and well being of women during all phases of the childbearing year, from pre-pregnancy through post-partum.  Massage during pregnancy will aid in easing the emotional stress and discomforts of a changing body and life, and help prepare the woman for birth.  

    Healing Stone Massage:  Is an intensely relaxing experience that combines various types of massage and body work with hot, warm and cool stones.  This therapy is especially beneficial to those with chronic stress, and pain and can promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation.

    Swedish Massage: Uses a combination of kneading and stroking to relieve tight muscles, promote circulation, and aid in relaxation.

    Kinesio Tape: is a latex-free, stretchy cotton tape that can be used for joint alignment, to enhance, or inhibit muscle contraction, and also for lymphatic drainage. Persistent injuries can benefit from the added support of the tape which can be left in place for up to 5 days at a time.

    Dolphin Neurostim/Micro-Current Point Stimulation: is a hybrid modality that utilizes low frequency micro-current stimulation along with principles of acupuncture, neural, trigger point, and other therapies for pain relief and the reduction of scar tissue and adhesions. There are plenty of manual therapies for the reduction of adhesions in scar tissue, but I can honestly say that nothing works as quickly, painlessly, and effectively as the Dolphin Neurostim/MPS for permanent tissue change. Scars will improve in appearance, texture, and mobility. Severe keloid scarring will take longer, but can still definitely improve.

    Not sure what you need? Let Erin use her skills and and intuition in creating a blend of techniques tailored to your unique goals.

    "I have been a very satisfied client of Erin's for over 20 years. She is very much in tune with my body and its needs. She has a wonderful touch . Her ability as a masseuse to tailor her program to the client is exceptional." - Jane G.

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